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I am a specialist in the following areas:

Web design

Web apps

Designing a web app includes developing the information architecture, browsing flows and an intuitive interface, paying attention to detail and taking into account that the user is the most important part.

Over 40% of internet access already takes place from a mobile device. The use of tablets, smartphones and other platforms changes how users access information. It is therefore necessary to create designs taking into account the new ways in which we interact with brands on the internet, or what we call adaptive or responsive design

Some examples featured...

Mobile app design

IOS, Android, Wearables

Faced with fierce competition from pre-existing apps, investing in design will allow you to differentiate yourself and stand out, and will undoubtedly make a difference on the overall return on investment and on user experience. The design will help you convert visitors into clients and ensure people feel more committed to the app.

My goal is to analyze the context of the app and study user behaviour in order to design a flawless, attractive and functional experience.

Some examples featured...

  • Chicfy
  • Mercadito
  • Beezer
  • Topic
  • Hoods
  • Pares

FrontEnd development

Pixel Perfect

My profile as a web designer, special aesthetic sensibility and eye for detail, as well as years of experience in the business, have allowed me to develop a FrontEnd service which is faithful and true to the visual concept. I make sure each pixel is placed correctly within the code. My mantra is 'Pixel Perfect'.

I develop the FrontEnd focused on current standards, and modern, valid and extensible HTML5 and CSS3 code. Accessible, cross-browser code, which allows us to see an adaptive design for any platform, desktop, tablet or smartphone with multi-browser compatibility.

Some examples featured...

User experience

User-focused design

Special attention to user experience is key so that your client is able to access your content intuitively and easily without getting lost or frustrated.

My goal is to align your business goals with the needs of users. To do this, I will focus on improving usability by researching and studying users by means of a simple and clear web interface design.

Some examples featured...

User interface design

Graphic user interface

This is where the prototype will come to life. My role will be to create a pretty, attractive interface that allows you to stand out from the competition, but at the same time perfectly communicates your message. My fundamental belief is that the best solution for this is a cleaner, simplerdesign.

To ensure visual consistency in the interface or website design, it is essential to have a style guide. In this guide questions about outlines, layouts, colours and typefaces among other things will be covered.

Some examples featured...

Corporate identity

Communication code

A solid brand base is essential for business success. Your logo and all corporate identity materials have to follow the same communication code as well as visual consistency, so that your clients’ perception of your brand is consistent and realistic.

My goal is to provide you with professional design services to make your company stand out, express its own personality and values, and in turn show how you differ from the competition.

Some examples featured...

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