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This is an app providing pay-per-use software. All we have to do is install Apparly and browse existing programs, select the desired payment method and the amount of time we will be working with the software.

In mid-2013, while working at, I was entrusted with the landing page redesign, app interface design and FrontEnd development.
In total more than 50 screens were designed, including statuses and interactions.

Currently the project is offline, but you can see the landing page 'template' at the 'link' below.

  • 2013
  • Web design
  • User interface design
  • User experience
  • FrontEnd development
See template
Landing page I chose to design the landing page as a single page, and for the basic information to be accessed via the fixed top menu and anchored links.
App list List of apps available on Apparly. You can filter the list by developer, alphabetical order and type.
App list - download App download. Once the app has been downloaded, the only thing left is to install it and choose a payment method.
App list - Developer List of apps for a specific developer.
Detailed view of app App details. You can see the description, photo gallery, specifications and user comments.

Edu is an AWESOME designer! and I am not overstating it. He is a world class creative, capable of delivering first level projects effortlessly.

We gave him some very raw mockups and some descriptions, and from there he nailed the job pretty fast. This was no easy task, as before Edu we had been hunting for a good design for 6 months. Some other good designers tried to get a concept for us but failed, they resigned even before starting or just showed a poor job. So Edu came to save the day, and he did it with flying colours (pun intended). Also he is a pleasure to work with. A nice guy indeed.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further references.

Alvaro Antolinez
Alvaro Antolinez CEO, Apparly

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