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Chicfy is the largest women's clothing marketplace in Spain. It is a platform where you can create your own online store with the items you choose to buy and sell.

At the end of 2014 I was hired to design the mobile app for android. In total, around 35 app interface screens were designed, each with different interactions and statuses.
The entire project was completed in one month.

  • 2014
  • Android app design
  • User interface design
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Discover On this screen, you can see the latest items, the trending ones or those you just simply liked.
Detailed view Detailed view of the item. You can comment on it, share it or add it directly to you cart to get it.
Side menu Side menu including all options. Discover, search, notifications or sell.
Notifications Screen where you can see interactions with other girls.
Your profile Your user profile, your wardrobe, including all the items you have for sale and other useful information.
User profile You can see your wardrobe with all your items and reviews from other girls. You can also follow them.
Reviews Screen showing all the reviews made by other girls.
Sell item Screen where you can sell an item. Select images, a name or title, description, brand, category, size, condition and colour.
Sell item - Price Assign a price to the item you are selling.
Home screen Login or sign-up. The user can sign up in one click via Facebook or using the normal sign-up via email.

It's not easy finding professionals like Edu. It was very easy to work with him, he is fast, full of energy and has a keen eye for detail, which in a fashion app like chicfy is key. A highly recommendable guy.

Nono Ruiz
Nono Ruiz Co-founder, Chicfy

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